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"The MICRO" is a character-driven, hard-hitting film which examines police misconduct, urban crime, personal responsibility, and race relations.

"The MICRO" looks into the complex worlds of policing, family values (or lack thereof), civil indifference, and examines how they impact our society.

"The MICRO" is a 15x award-winning feature film at film festivals all over the world.

"The MICRO" Trailer


A 45x award-winning feature film at festivals worldwide, “Through A Glass, Dimly” is the story of an elderly White woman with early Alzheimers who befriends a strong but struggling young Black lady. The bad men in their lives must GO...

We have won many awards - for Best Feature Film, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor/Actress, Best Director, Best Music, among other Bests!

"Through A Glass, Dimly" Trailer


This dramatic and humorous film is a story in the life of a 15-year-old boy and his friends. They all live in low-income housing on the wrong side of town. Li'l Mayne is a teen prodigy - a mathematical genius. His friends are not. They get into assorted mischief saying, "We ain't got nothing else to do!" Life is rough. Can Li'l Mayne rescue them all? We believe "Li'l Mayne..." could someday be a coming-of-age-teen classic!


"Li'l Mayne... Knuckleheads" Trailer

The Micro Pitch Deck

The MICRO Pitch Deck

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Through A Glass, Dimly Pitch Deck

Li'l Mayne and The Knuckleheads Pitch Deck

Li'l Mayne Pitch Deck

We are seeking both domestic and foreign distribution
in all markets and all platforms. Please contact us at if you are a distributor
or marketer and want to discuss. Thanks!

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We produce powerful, inspiring, dramatic films for diverse audiences.

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