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Li'l Mayne: The Story

“Li’l Mayne & The Knuckleheads” is a story in the life of a 15-year-old boy and his friends. They all live in low-income project housing on the east side of town. Li’l Mayne, whose father is a drug dealer, is a teen prodigy - a mathematical genius and a deep philosophical thinker. But the neighborhood he grows up in, the people he spends most of his time with, and the school he attends offers him very little support as he seeks to ascend the heights of knowledge and service. His best friends - the Knuckleheads, are other project kids who aren’t very good at sports, aren’t very book smart, but who aren’t druggies or gangbangers. They cause assorted mischief in the neighborhood under the slogan 'We ain't got nothing else to do!' “Li’l Mayne & The Knuckleheads,” the movie, tells a story of these teens and those around them. Tough sometimes quite humorous, the story unmasks virulent forces that seek to define and demean them, warring against them in their effort to re-define themselves in more positive, creative, and uplifting tones. Despite these obstacles, the boys learn that through true friendship and accountability, they can help one another grow into well-rounded young men. And Li’l Mayne learns that though he is quite brilliant, he cannot save everyone, but he can change the world through the same means available to all of us - faith, hope and love. In “Li’l Mayne & The Knuckleheads,” we’ll get a li’l scared, learn a few things, and laugh together along the way!

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