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The MICRO is a character-driven, hard-hitting film which examines police misconduct, urban crime, personal responsibility, and race relations.


The MICRO looks into the complex worlds of policing, family values (or lack thereof), civil indifference, and examines how they impact our society.

Black Police Lieutenant Aquila Daniels (Quill) and White Sergeant Jason Mancini head a new community policing division which combats crime, racism, and bureaucracy in a large U.S. metropolitan area. There are killers on the loose, and they must be apprehended now - before they kill again. It’s questionable whether the police administration’s focus is on public perception and politics, or to simply save lives.

There are good cops and bad cops on the force, and good folks and bad people on the streets. All through the film they intertwine and clash. Some crash and burn, others make the right decisions as a rule, or make them before it’s too late. 

The film is designed to continue social dialogue, to cause us to think and to pray - for ourselves and for those in power - and to consider how to re-make society in an image worthy of our children and our God.


 The Characters 

With 28 years on the force, Police Lieutenant Quill Daniels is very acquainted with racial prejudice and police misconduct, but he is first a no-nonsense, lock ‘em up police officer, whose war cry to his officers is, “Get these FOOLS off my streets!” Despite the politics, he well knows there ARE super predators and violent criminals on the streets… and in police headquarters. 


Sergeant Jason Mancini is an honorable man who doesn’t see color - for which he is insulted as a “whigger” by racist officers. Ultimately, he has a choice to make: Protect and Serve, or toe the Thick Blue Line.


R. Christian Cross is a former drug dealer and gang-banger who reformed years ago, and now participates in the “system” as a bail bondsman. His encounter with a young, violent criminal is life-changing for both of them - but it may be too little, too late.


Ra-Kish Harvey and Officer Bruce Rudd are both killers. One wears a badge, one does not. The twisted paths which lead them to become who they are differ - but they share the same psychotic pathology. To protect good folks, something must be done to stop them both. Now.


Quill’s son Justice becomes innocently entangled with criminals, and was present when unspeakable acts were committed by Ra-Kish and his crew. Now, killer-cop Rudd is after him, seeking to bring him in, dead.


Melvin Robertson (Preach), Mitch and Cross are Quill’s life-long friends. Together they try to make sense of the divisive chaos that police misconduct, racial prejudice, and personal responsibility brings. They learn that fear is a guiding catalyst, stifling change.


Matriarchs Betty Jean, Gloria and Amanda uphold righteous standards, while Sarah and Keisha struggle to do the same.


Mother Hulda provides frank warnings throughout - judgment by fire if we don’t get our house in order.


An outstanding array of supporting cast provides depth, anger, drama, humor, and clarity - highlighted by Ra-Kish’s mother Rita, lifetime criminal Carter, talk show host Paula Providence, and police hater Evelyn.


 Cast Details 

Our excellent ensemble cast brings this story to life. Led by Gregory Stewart (Tyler Perry stage lead), Curtis Von (Jason’s Lyric and Tyler Perry stage lead), Jean Donatto (Through A Glass, Dimly, Home Fries), newcomer Keelen Lewis, champion wrestler Mike Dell, and elevated by many veterans of screen and stage, The MICRO will take you on a complex ride you will never forget.


“Why's it got to be this way. Why?      Why... not.” 

“To protect the good folks, get these FOOLS off my streets!”



“Some of y'all ARE super predators, damn it!”

“You still gotta tell if officer so-and-so is a freakin’ psychopath and is BREAKING THE LAW!

“Out here, we deal with thugs and specific crime.

We deal with... The MICRO - The crime that’s right in front of us.”

“They hear it but they ain’t listening Lord!

Creation cryin’ out!”

"REPENT! Or there will be... FIRE!"

"If we gonna tell it, we got to tell it all."

"We bounce."


Our  RED CARPET PREMIERE EVENT in Houston, TX was a smashing success! Most everyone had a great time, and the MESSAGE of "The MICRO" RESONATED!


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